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Chili Oil

Chili Oil

SKU: ChiliOil

I am very excited to release my very first chili oil. Inspired by my wife and I's passion for Dim Sum and the various flavors and bites that you may experience over the course of a Dim Sum meal. My chili oil is a blend of multiple spices and dried chili peppers that come together as a warm and not-too-spicy chili drizzle guaranteed to elevate any dish you incorporate it with. 


The chili oil comes in one of my large format jars and is a net weight of roughly 6oz

  • Pickup Delivery Details

    Once ordered, please await your confirmation email stating your chili is ready for pickup. Details of pickup and timing will be in this confirmation email. 


    Orders placed for local delivery will happen on Saturday(27) and Sunday(28). 

    Thank you for your support as always!!


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