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The Dinner Table 

Food has always represented something far more significant than just nourishment in my life, and the addition of wine has only added a fulfilling complexity. Many of my best memories with food were bellied up at the kids' table at grandma's house growing up. The entire family coming together...aunts, uncles, cousins, elders sharing stories, laughs, and most importantly, a meal. I can remember all too vividly tearing what felt like hundreds of pieces of bread at a time, making stuffing with my mother—or sneaking into the kitchen every chance I could to snag a piece of chicken fresh out the oven. That child-like passion for food only has elevated my love for this industry.

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Big Leagues 

I attended UW-Stout, a small polytechnic school in the middle of nowhere with an amazing hospitality program. I would graduate with a degree in Hospitality & Tourism with an emphasis on Restaurant Management. From here, I worked at the Bohemian Club, Roka Akor SF, Sabio On Main, Range Life, & Sidetrack Bar+Grill. Working primarily in the front-of-house as a beverage buyer, I would spend every second I could in the kitchen or behind the bar. Like a kid breaking down a clock just to put it back together. Whether it was cutting vegetables for family meals or helping pre-batch cocktails, I was always curious to understand what made restaurants tick.

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The Next Chapter

Over the last ten years, I have spent much of my time eating and drinking my way around restaurants, kitchens, and bars. My experiences in food and beverage have given me a unique perspective on the power of communion. Hospitality is an industry built on the shoulders of hard-working men and women passionate about one thing above all. The desire to expound upon the joy felt when in the engaged service of others. Creating spice blends is my way of staying in touch. In the midst of a pandemic that has nearly destroyed an industry that I love so much. I look forward to meeting you all in this new space.

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