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20 Minute Green Bean

Simply serve over a bit of rice and devour

A Drink for Anyone


A healthy handful of green beans 

1/2 white onion julienned

Enoki mushrooms or beech mushrooms - something with a long skinny edible stem


1 tbsp - Both dark and light soy sauce

1 tbsp - Mirin

2 tsp - sesame oil 

1 tbsp - sriracha

4 - minced cloves garlic

2 tbsp - beef stock or sexy jus

I start by blanching the green beans in a bit of salted water for about 45 seconds. pat dry the best you can, you will be cooking on high heat so and you know what happens when hot oil meets water. I give the beans about a minute or two head start and then add the onions and mushrooms. Moving rapidly in the pan or wok if you have them. You want to cook at pretty lively heat so movement is key or the food will burn. With that said a little char is always delightful. When the onions begin to darken a little. Crank up the burner to its highest setting for about 20-30 reheating the pan before dumping all of the sauce into the pan/wok turning to low and letting simmer for 5 minutes covered. 

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